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Buying vehicles might seem like a walk in the park, but really these matters are not as easy. Apart from deciding on a suitable car and keeping everything in mind about its engine and space, there is much and more that requires attention. Without consideration of these factors, not only can you not buy a car but failure to account for these may land you in legal troubles.  

These are the troubles with leases. You can never be careful enough, especially when it comes to novated leases. To ensure that your car buying process is as smooth as possible, Novated Lease Direct is here at your disposal. We make buying a vehicle easier for you.

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Our services for you come in these subsegments:


Out expert advisors help you understand how and when novated leases can pose significant issues for you. 


They give you awareness about the technicalities of novated leases and how to handle them effectively. You can learn everything there is to learn about novated leases from us.

Legal Complications

However, our role extends far beyond just consultancy. In addition to advising you about the technicalities of novated leases,

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When you are faced with a legal charge, it can be hard to wrap your head around it. You might become indecisive as to whether or not you should hire an attorney to deal with the charge. It can be made clear that it is not necessary to hire a lawyer for small charges like getting a speeding ticket. However, it is absolutely advisable to have a legal counsellor by your side if you wish to make big claims in the court because it could be extremely stressful to deal with it on your own. Here are a few reasons why it could be beneficial,

Legal knowledge

When dealing with big cases, it is easy to get entangled within the different laws because it is quite complicated. Even with lawyers, many do not represent themselves in court because of the complexity that surrounds the law. However, the appointed perth lawyers are the only people, equipped with the professional knowledge on how to deal in courts. This is why you should let the professionals handle the things they are experienced in.

Experience in courts

An attorney knows how to play with the evidence. They have enough experience in the court to know how to tackle the allegations that are piping up against you and how to manipulate the evidence you have in your favour. If it is just you representing yourself, you might get ambushed with the different statements that the opposition might have in your honour.

Less costly

You might think I am joking with this aspect of the article but I am not only talking about the money. If you represent yourself in a criminal case, the odds are you might be put behind bars for a significant enough time to ruin your reputation. If you are fighting a business case, you might be hurt financially while losing millions along with a smudge on your brand towards declination. This could prove to be way more expensive than hiring an attorney for your needs.

Strong case

Lawyers have the power to gather a strong case in your favour. They have the necessary knowledge and experience to turn the tables around for you. It does not matter how the case is looking on the outside, they have the magical ability to exhibit all the options that might put you in favour of the court. Moreover, when things get further twisted, they can manage the settlements and pleas to reduce the amount of charges that fall on your side. They may be able to provide a fair settlement with teh opposing party such that it can benefit you.

How much does a car lease cost?

On the basis of assessments, total helmet insurance for a leased car is on average 200 francs more expensive per year than a car purchased differently. A 4.9 percent lease corresponds to the costs of a 7.9 percent credit.

Hidden costs of car leasing
In fact, many people, when they enter into the leasing contract, do not know how expensive it can actually be.

Car insurance – The leasing holder is required to take out full insurance, generally very expensive. Even after a couple of years, you cannot switch to cheaper partial helmet insurance. Add to this the fact that the total helmet for leased vehicles is even more expensive than for purchased vehicles.

Taxes – As a private individual, credit interest can be deducted from taxes, but not leasing interest. For freelancers, leasing can be more sensible because it is counted through the company and can therefore be deducted from the profit.

Assistance – The leasing company can contractually oblige the technical assistance of the car to be carried out only by extremely expensive brand mechanics. Especially at the time of the return, when the leasing contract expires, the costs can become considerable. Why? Because the mechanic or dealer must purchase the vehicle from the leasing company at the residual value and therefore it is in his best interest to bill the customer for as many repairs as possible.

Mileage exceeded – A maximum number of kilometers per year is indicated in the leasing contract. If you exceed this amount, every extra kilometer is expensive.

Ownership – During a leasing contract, the car does not belong to the leasing owner. The car can therefore not be sold or lent to third parties at will. Without an explicit purchase option in the leasing contract, even after the lease expires, you have no right to the vehicle.

In this case the dealer buys the car at the residual value. This value is generally lower than the market value because the customer has already depreciated it, precisely, using the vehicle up to that moment. Put simply, if we want, the dealer gets a profit at the expense of the leasing owner. Instead, by financing the car with a credit, it can be sold at any time at market value and even taken advantage of, if this is higher than the credit that remains to be paid.

Financing problems – If the conditions of one’s income or life situations change in the short term and suddenly one realizes that he can no longer afford the leasing, early termination will cost a lot. Instead of being able to overcome a period of economic hardship, for example, by selling the vehicle, a possible leasing would cause even greater financial difficulties.

Purchase and leasing of cars

When you buy a car abroad, your rights – including the amount of VAT to be paid – vary according to several elements:

  • if the car is new or used
  • if you buy from a professional dealer or a private individual 
  • whether the seller is based in an EU country or not.
  • You usually have the highest level of legal protection when buying a new car from a professional seller based in the EU.

The EU rules on consumer rights require that you have at least 2 years guarantee if the purchased car is defective or does not match the advertising.

In some EU countries, the warranty period can be reduced to no less than 1 year for used vehicles . The buyer and seller must agree on these conditions at the time of purchase.

Remember that EU consumer rights do not apply to private sales : therefore, when buying a car from a private individual, you act with extreme caution.

Check the car documentation

When buying a car abroad, check that the seller provides you with all the necessary documents to register it in the country where you live. Check that you have the original documents of the car .

Transporting a new car

If you buy a new car in another EU country, you will have to carefully consider how to take it home because it will not yet be registered in the country where you live:

  • you can tow it at home with a duly insured and registered vehicle
  • you can contact a specialized transport company
  • you can drive it yourself , but you must have insurance and temporary plates in the country where you buy it

Moving abroad in a leased car

Warning! It could be difficult. If you rent a car, you can use it for the duration of the lease and you have the option to buy it at the end of the contract. However, until then the person or company that makes the leased car available to you is the rightful owner .

Since you are required to insure and register the car in your country of residence, you may also encounter difficulties if your insurance is not valid in the country you want to move to.

The person or company that makes the leased car available to you may also be reluctant to accept the registration of the vehicle in another EU country.

Our clients say

Kevin Bray

Matrixo CEO & Founder

we handle all legal complications for you. We undertake all necessary documentation and get all necessary approvals from all relevant authorities. While we do this,

Melina Matsoukas

DOBL Customer Manager

you are free to check all specifications of the car and focus on the more operational aspects of the car. That is how we make life easier for you.

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